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6 Month Smile

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with the growth of teeth and the jaws.

Sometimes they grow in poor harmony which makes functioning and cleaning more difficult.  Orthodontics will correct this and improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth. The process involves the use of mechanical devices, such as a brace, over a certain period of time to correct the position of the teeth. The result will produce an improved and straightened smile.

Eilertsen Dental Care offers fixed orthodontics using tooth coloured brackets and your choice of coloured or clear elastics.  In the UK it is common to have teeth removed before having the brackets placed however we think this happens a little too frequently when it is not always required.  We have chosen to follow the American way of doing things and really only extract a tooth when absolutely necessary.

Conventional orthodontics is required in adolescents where the brackets are typically kept on for 18 months to two years but if you are an adult with crooked teeth we can offer you cosmetic brace systems including invisalign or the new six month smile treatment which will mean you only have to keep the braces on for around 6 months.  The braces are popular because they are small, clear and very discrete.


Teeth can often grow out of position when, as a child, your teeth and jaw don’t develop in the normal way causing teeth to move out of position. The orthodontic procedure is very simple and can be extremely effective in moving the teeth, over time, back into the correct position.
Increasingly adults are taking advantage of advances in orthodontic technology to correct ill placed and crooked teeth and with the excellent options available including tooth coloured and invisible braces, it can be done with the minimum of fuss.


Although we have been carrying out a great deal of short term orthodontic cases (check out the Six Month Smile page in the treatment menu) there is also the odd complicated one!  Dr Eilertsen initially saw this lady for a consultation around 18 months ago as she had a wobbly and sore baby canine tooth.

After an xray was taken it was revealed her adult tooth was present, but far up in her palate.  Dr Eilertsen was sure he could pull it into place and give her that natural smile she had always wanted.  Check out these photos of just what is possible!


Below shows the initial xray showing the canine up in the palate and then on the right the canine poking through the palate after we went fishing for it!

Below are a series of shots taken throughout the treatment. Initially hooking the tooth when it is high up in the palate..

Now you can see the tooth gradually being pulled into place…

And finally this week….the tooth is perfectly in the archline to give this lovely lady her perfect smile back


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