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Dental Health

Striving For The Highest Level Of Dental Care

Although we offer a wide range of specialist treatments, here at Eilertsen Dental Care we believe that prevention is better than cure.  Well maintained, natural teeth should last for life and all of our treatment plans ensure that together, we can maintain a healthy, stable and fully functioning dentition.


If your natural teeth are well maintained, there is much less chance that you will require any  invasive dental treatment.

We advise you have a routine examination every 6 months and hygiene visits anywhere between 2-4 times per year depending on your needs.

At the routine examinations, we will check all your teeth, gums, oral tissues and your jaw joints. We will look at everything clinically and often take xrays to check if anything else is required which we cant see (for example under old fillings).  We will also discuss any problems we might come across and solutions to these.

We will decide on a hygiene recall and regime which is best suited to your needs and the hygienist will go through your homecare at this visit.

We are trained to carry out a wide range of simple treatments which maintain your smile including white fillings, root canal treatments, abcess treatments, and wisdom tooth removal.  We will ensure that the very best standard of care is delivered at all times.

You will always be able to contact a dentist directly out of hours in the case of an emergency.

If you have not been to the practice before and are in pain we will make every effort to allivate your symptoms that day and then set you up with a treatment plan which will suit your needs.


Our Commitment to you :-

1. To provide a caring, professional and welcoming environment.

2. To provide you with the highest of level of dental services at every appointment.

3. To take your wishes into account and provide a treatment plan which takes account of your needs and wishes.

4. To help you understand your treatment needs and give you appropriate options.

5. To make you aware of the costs involved.


Your Commitment to us :-

1. To aim to arrive on time for your appointments

2. Listening to our professional opinion and taking on board our instructions and advice on homecare.

3. Coming to your regular check up and hygiene appointments so we can check everything is ok.

4. Giving us feedback whether positive or negative about the treatments carried out.

5. If you have had a positive experience recommend our practice to your friends and family.


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