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Throughout our many years of Dental Care, we have had hundreds of satisfied patients. A small selection of these can be found below


Some people say a picture says a thousand words….we loved this little card which one of Dr Eilertsen’s patients came in with recently having had a lot of complex cosmetic reconstruction work carried out.  This lady seemed over the moon with her treatment and her teeth looked fab!


Full arch reconstruction

“I have deliberated and agonised long and hard over how to express my thanks to Dr Eilertsen with a clever piece of prose but having failed abysmally, I have decided to go for the non-clever, from-the-heart version. The change Dr Eilertsen has made to the quality of my life is in reality beyond words.
I had a denture from my early 20s (I’m now in my 60s). My dental problems were put down to alleged gum disease. I don’t think anyone could’ve been more self conscious about having a denture than I was: I had nightmares about it falling out when I spoke and my job did involve speaking at meetings, delivering presentations, disseminating information and cascading to staff and public. I have to confess that there was also the appearance aspect. I don’t think there is anyway you can disguise that you have a denture. I had also stopped ‘going to the dentist’ because of my embarrassment about having a denture.

However, all this changed a couple of years ago when I tentatively asked Dr Eilertsen about my options. He explained how things had moved forward and the availability of sinus grafts, implants and full arch reconstruction and so my journey begun. I have to say these procedures have become much more affordable since my young days. The upshot is that last November, almost a year ago, I had the final stage of re-instatement completed. My speech was slightly affected initially (only I noticed) and I had to get used to eating, but I have to emphasise that this was short term. The care which was extended to me during and after the treatment has been exemplary. I had every confidence in Dr Eilertsen without whom I would not have considered going ahead with the treatment. He is a true professional but with that special caring quality which inspires confidence and trust. I have also to mention Kelly, Dr Eilertsen’s Dental Nurse, who accompanied me on the journey.

The challenging part of the journey is now at an end. I just have to catch up with the hygienist every 3 months and keep smiling!”
DB, Black Isle.


“The transformation since having veneers fitted has been dramatic and the photograph taken afterwards does not do justice to the finished article. Not only have I been delighted with the veneers but additional work both prior and post fitting of them has enhanced the new look.

Dr Eilertsen built up my backward-sloping front teeth and replaced the old ones on both sides of the veneers.

Many of my friends and family have commented on the natural looking renovation I am pleased that it does not appear as if I am attemting to set on the D celebrity list.

I would encourage anyone contemplating veneers to stop prevaricating and just get on with it – a painless procedure with an excellent result.”
H Mac, Inverness.


“Excellent service and comfortable settings. Dr Eilertsen is a professional who really cares about the services he provides. Jackie is perfect in her role at putting people at ease. The Dental Nurse are very competent…and me….. I just smile all the time. Thank You”
A. Scott.


“Now that I have the chance to, I thought I would drop you a short note to thank you for all your endeavours following the unexpected extraction of all my remaining lower teeth. I thought I was facing a life of misery, with what i recognised in my late parents’ of a floating object in the bottom of my mouth. That was until you explained different procedures including the procedure opted for which entailed some months after the extractions the insertion of 4 implants in my lower mouth to which a (removable) denture was fixed.

In the interim period awaiting my lower mouth to heal from the trauma of the extractions, you had fitted me with a temporary denture. If anything was going to reinforce my initial trepidation of misery from using a denture it was the next three (necessary) months of using the temporary denture, which no matter what type of denture fixative was used, the denture soon developed a life of its own.

However salvation was at hand and the difference once the procedure for the implants to be inserted and the permanent denture was completed, the difference was imense. Consequently as the bedding in period followed my confidence in eating a wider and wider range of foodstuffs increased and now very little if anything presents a problem.

Finally, many thanks for persuading me to go down this route and I would have absolutely no hesitation in reccomending this procedure to anyone.”
C. Cochrane.

Full Arch Reconstruction

“Having had an upper denture (the result of botched dental treatment following a playground injury that damaged my teeth) since I was a teenager, I expected to have one till my Maker called me home, so when Dr Eilertsen first suggested bone grafts and dental implants as the most effective way to deal with severe upper jaw bone loss and potential problems with denture retention, I was a bit stunned and not a little scared.

He explained the procedure and its long-term benefits, discussed the likely implications of not having the procedure, referred me to various websites for further information and had no problems with my discussing it with a dentist friend to get a second opinion.  In addition, the financial aspect had to be considered.

I am now at the stage of learning to adapt how I eat, speak and use my jaws with this new structure in my mouth.  At present, I tend to bite both my tongue and my cheeks, and my neck aches, I think because I am using different muscles to move my tongue as I learn to accommodate the prosthesis.  Dr Eilertsen said this process might take as long as three months.  It IS tiring making this adjustment, and particularly so when this learning process is on top of nine months of treatment that was also a strain in various ways, as mentioned above.

So, in conclusion, I am delighted with the final outcome, at this stage certainly, and my delight grows every day when I look at my mouth.  I have every confidence that it will soon feel as natural as any other part of my body.  Family and friends say it looks very good and my husband says it has made me look more youthful around the mouth, so that’s an added bonus!”
Aileen Nicholson.

Sinus Graft and Implants

“I was initially apprehensive prior to the sinus graft and implant treatment and fully understood the importance of following the instructions. I received my treatment at lunchtime on a Friday and I was amazed by the lack of pain and discomfort during the following day. I was in good shape to continue work from home the following Monday.

The healing process was faster than I had imagined and I am now delighted the final result.”
A Young.


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