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We have recently sent out our spring newsletter to keep you up to date with a few things in the practice and all the trips away with the Royal College.  We have a fab Spring offer on botox and filler products  so in case you didnt leave us your email address here is a link to the newsletter so you can click on it below.


We hear there is good weather just around the corner so HAPPY SPRING from all of us at EDC :)

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On January the 22nd Dr Eilert Eilertsen and Dr Jennifer Eilertsen travelled down to London to attend the State of the Art Bone Augmentation and Implant Surgery conference that was being held at the Royal College of Surgeons.

More that 250 delegates attended the course from all over europe to hear the seminars from four of the world's leading authorities on Dental Implantology: Professor Ziv Mazor, Patirck Palacci, Ulf Nannmark and Roberto Rossi.

Some enlightening seminars were given on thinking outside the box in Implant dentistry, complex bone augmentation cases, collagen in biomaterials, complex cases and the science behind them, the cortical lamina technique and the future of 3D ridge augmentation.

The process of bone grafting and biomaterials (those used to help your body make more bone) are continually evolving and as implant dentists we are always trying to refine our processes to make treatments more predictable and your smiles better.

A very informative weekend was enjoyed by all.

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Hi everyone and a warm welcome to EDC!

Just incase you are not on our mailing list or have not left your email address with us if you are interested in our latest newsletter the link below will take you to a PDF version that you can print!

Happy New Year!  We wish you all the best for 2016 and look forward to welcoming you at your next visit! :-)

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Last weekend the team (well everyone who could manage) travelled down to Glasgow for the annual Dentistry Scotland Awards.  We are delighted to pick up the Highly Commended Award for Best Team and also the Best Overall Private Practice.
Sorry for our distinct lack of blogs but we will try and keep it more up to date.  We also pop our latest news on the facebook page and twitter...the links are at the top of the page.  A huge well done to all the team who continually work so hard to try and improve and make your experience with us that little bit nicer :-)
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Although we have been carrying out a great deal of short term orthodontic cases there is also the odd complicated one!  Dr Eilertsen initially saw this lady for a consultation around 18 months ago as she had a wobbly and sore baby canine tooth.  After an xray was taken it was revealed her adult tooth was present, but far up in her palate.  Dr Eilertsen was sure he could pull it into place and give her that natural smile she had always wanted.  Check out these photos of just what is possible!
Below shows the initial xray showing the canine up in the palate and then on the right the canine poking through the palate after we went fishing for it!
Below are a series of shots taken throughout the treatment. Initially hooking the tooth when it is high up in the palate....

Now you can see the tooth gradually being pulled into place........
And finally this week....the tooth is perfectly in the archline to give this lovely lady her perfect smile back :-)

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We were extremely grateful and humbled to recieve this beautiful cake from one of our patients last week.  This patient had an implant retained prothesis fitted which has grately improved the function and asthetics of her dentition.  The cake was absolutely delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! 
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Dr. Eilertsen
1st April 2014.
We are delighted to announce we have launched out new website. We are now able to update everything ourselves and this allows us to update you with the latest goings on at Eilertsen Dental Care.

We will be posting regularly on the blog, so check back to see what we have been up to.

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Dr Eilertsen
The practice continues to grow unabated with more patients joining the practice, more dentists referring patients to us for complex restorative procedures, more orthodontic treatments and six month smiles. The year was capped by our success in the Scottish Dentistry Awards where we won best practice and the best employer. Those awards are highly sought after and it is a tribute to the effort our team puts in that we were winners in both.

Dr Jennifer Eilertsen has joined the parctice. Jenny has been qualified for four years and has just completed her examinations for membership of the Royal College. Her special interests are reconstructive dentistry including implants, dental sedation and orthodontics.

I would like to thank all of our patients and staff for contributing to the success of our practice.

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